The Gallery                                                                                   Broadstairs Blues Bash 2011

Friday 18th February ~

The Prince Albert ~ Photos by Bill
Grocer Jack

The Rose ~ Photos by Bill
Standard 5

The Balmoral Wine Bar ~ Photos by Ashiya
Brendan Power & Dave Peabody

The Frigate ~ Photos by Ashiya
The Jives

The Charles Dickens ~ Photos by Ashiya
The Session

The Barnaby Rudge ~ Photos by Bill
Region 101

The Wrotham Arms ~ Photos by Bill

Saturday 19th February ~

The Barnaby Rudge ~ Photos by Bill

The Tartar Frigate ~ Photos by Bill
Blues Abuse

The Dolphin ~ Photos by Bill
Funke & the Two Tone Baby

The Lord Nelson ~ Photos by Bill
Sean Taylor

The Charles Dickens ~ Photos by Bill
Billy Walton Band

The Pavilion ~ Photos by Bill
Roland Chadwick & Nigel Fiest

Sunday 20th February ~

Pavilion ~ Photos by Bill
Afternoon Blues Jam  hosted by WIRED!

Neptune's Hall ~ Photos by Bill
King Size Slim

Special thanks to Ashiya Powell and Bill Lovett for photographing the Broadstairs Blues Bash 2011

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